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 Editorials on Mediate.com by Tom Oswald

March 2006 Mediation needs a Political Action Committee (PAC). We need professional representation for our ‘industry’ among the decision makers in our government at all levels: federal; state; and municipal. We need to communicate what we can do to help elected officials, policy makers, as well as business leaders
Mediation at TOP OF MIND June 2005 Mediation needs to get closer to a ‘top of mind’ status with consumers if we are to accelerate the development of our profession and to accomplish more positive effect. To do that, we need to invest ourselves in the marketing of our profession.
Diversity: Breaking Out of Intellectual Bondage November 2004 The concept of diversity means a lot more than what we generally tend to associate it with. Popularly we tend to frame diversity in terms of discrimination on basis of gender (please, it’s NOT “sex,” it’s “gender”), skin color, religious affiliations (or absence thereof), sexual orientation, physical ability or appeara
Commercial Section Editorial October 2004 The realm of commercial mediation is as wide and diverse as is business itself. The Commercial Section of Mediate.com seeks to move the profession forward with a big-tent approach characterized by inclusion of a variety of areas, viewpoints, and philosophic approaches. We serve as a nexus of information about profess
Iraq and Afghanistan: Opportunities for ADR May 2003 The collapse of one sort of governmental infrastructure needs to be replaced with another, and the sooner, the better. Now is the time to introduce collaborative conflict resolution and arbitral conflict adjudication into the post-armed conflict re-construction cultures of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Impasse Breaking Tip: What Would it Sound Like To You If They Understood?

January 2003 I anguished over whether to write this piece or not. On one hand, I wanted to share this experience with others. On the other hand, I was concerned some practitioners may find this concept too elementary and consequently think less of me for writing about it. Then I factored in a major concern I have about our profe
What Kind Of Commercial Mediator Are You? August 2002 ARE YOU A SPECIALIST OR GENERALIST COMMERCIAL MEDIATOR: WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT >MY< BUSINESS? By Tom Oswald 29 August 2002 Has anyone ever asked you this question? Sometimes I get interrogated about this when I introduce myself as a Commercial Mediator. The broad range of po
Welcome to the Commercial Section May 2002 Welcome to the Mediate.com Commercial Section. This section is devoted to the advancement of professional commercial mediation from the dual perspectives of both the consumer and of the practitioner. I anticiate that we will focus on advancing the application of commercial mediation to business disputes and the pract



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